Matěj Týč -- Thu, 19. 7. 12

Booking system of our equipment have been merged with the department booking system, so if you want to book something, visit

Matěj Týč -- Mon, 24. 1. 11

Our software development has become much more professional. Redmine provides a central place where the source code, documentation and issues are stored and managed.

Please use it if you want to report issues or if you just have a good idea you don't want to become forgotten.

Check out

Matěj Týč -- Sun, 9. 5. 10

From now on, you may book our laboratory equipment!

In order to do so, visit the Laboratory section of our site, and click on the Book now link. You don't have to be registered, but you will have to confirm your e-mail address.

There is also a table of current bookings in that section