Advanced Digital Holographic Microscope Control

Advanced Digital Holographic Microscope Control

User friendly software for online image-plane hologram reconstruction and processing. It is suitable for transmission and reflection set-up of digital holographic microscopy (DHM). The base of the processing is online acquisition of the image-plane hologram from DHM and its processing by fast Fourier transform algorithm.




Possible outputs:

  • Complex amplitude (equivalent of wave function).
  • Image amplitude and intensity (equivalent of bright field image in conventional microscopy).
  • Image phase (used for calculation of unwrapped phase, 3D reconstruction and dynamic phase difference).
  • Unwrapped phase (for recalculation into the map of height).
  • 3D reconstruction (3D structure of sample).
  • Dynamic phase difference (very usable for changes highlighting in biological samples).

Software allows us to use time-schedule (selected outputs can be saved in different time intervals) for long-term experiments. In active mode close-loop PID controller is implemented for stabilization of DHM optical stage.

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