Thermally stabilized table for placing specimens and height adjustment
reference table are built in the base of the microscope table.

XYZ positioning stage for reflected - light microscopy enables independent positioning of a specimen.

Illuminator for a holographic microscope allows to control degree of
spatial coherence of illumination. It is equipped with 8 pinholes,
diameter ranging from 0.2 mm to 5 mm, manually selected by revolver
mechanism. Centre of pinholes is adjustable in range of +/- 1 mm.

Optical parameters of the 90mm aperture objective with focal length of
855mm are optimized for the wavelength of hydrogen H-alpha line.

Additional module for measuring of mutual shift between images. This shift is used for imaging with diffused light. The module consists of two parts, the imaging part and the detection part.

The power supply unit for the auxiliary circuits of the Holographic Microscope.